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Sample request: Proactive, or failed test?

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  • Sample request: Proactive, or failed test?

    Just received a new sample request (looks like you have an old or scarce sample). Should I read this as "Big Y failed, and we need more to try again", or just "Big Y used up everything you had, we're just being proactive for the next test you order"?

    If the former, somewhat disappointing it took four months to come to that conclusion.

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    Seems to me, when I had to send in a fresh sample, the deep clade results finished posting before the new sample could have been processed.


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      I received the same letter (and kit) on 3/10/14 and returned the sample the next day.

      I interpreted the letter as FTDNA wanted a contingency sample because they had used my last vial from storage. I only knew that because I had received a reply to a help desk email I sent that same week from FTDNA's Customer Service Manager (Dr. M Fiedler) that said (in part), "... your Big Y is still in process and moving along fine, from what I can see. I do note that we have pulled the final vial from storage for you. "

      But I'm not sure if my reasoning applies in your case.


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        Did FTDNA e-mail you before sending the new kit?

        The 3/28 has gone and I did not get any BigY... and there is nothing, message or such changing the expected date.
        I would like to ask -- were you informed by e-mail? I have moved and in case a new kit was sent to the old address is lost.


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          There was no email notification that a new kit was being sent. It just showed-up with a letter from a Dr. Mittelman.

          I would suggest notifying the Help Desk of your address change and also inquire if you were sent a "contingency" sample kit.


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            Thanks. I did but as of now, no answer...