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When will we see the new haplotree? How does it impact Big Y or vice versa?

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  • When will we see the new haplotree? How does it impact Big Y or vice versa?

    I don't have my exact notes but FTDNA has said there will be an update to the haplotree. When do we expect that?

    What is the scope of the SNPs used to develop this new tree?
    Will it be Geno 2 and prior FTDNA results from advanced orders, deep clade tests, and Walk the Y only?
    Will information from public projects like the Personal Genomes and 1000 Genomes project be included in the haplotree?
    I know that they have only just been released, but positions numbers from S series SNPs are also now available. Will they be included now or in the future?
    Is the ISOGG Y DNA tree being used?

    Are Big Y results themselves being used to develop this new haplotree?

    I think there is a supporting scientific paper. Who are the authors? Is the FTDNA haplotree linked (limited) by what will be in the paper?

    What will FTDNA's policies be towards future updates to the haplotree? Will there be periodic updates? What is the quality or testing reliability criteria used to qualify a candidate SNP for the tree?

    Is there a contact at FTDNA that will support updates to the haplotree?

    I know that's a lot of questions but it is important. My understanding is that the FTDNA haplotree will be used to discern a terminal SNP for every Big Y individual as well as negative downstream SNP calls that will appear on an individual's myFTDNA haplotree page. I'm interested in more details on how this will work.
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    I think mwwalsh speaks for very many of us when he asks these questions.


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      Additional question

      Good questions indeed. My question is this; I believe that I am the only E L-792 a1 to test. Will their have to be multiple users from each cluster tested before a snp's final status is determined and vetted?



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        in all likelihood, the answers are:

        don't know
        don't know

        Let's be honest here. We still don't have a basic tool that allows one to search their familyfinder matches for in common with chromosome segments... like they have at 23andMe. FTDNA is a lab and the ISOGG Y tree, GENO2.0 ETC. are more interested in genetic anthropology... not helping genealogists form meaningful haplogroups within a genealogical time frame. I'd be surprised if FTDNA offers a y tree that supports BigY results in a time frame useful to us. By the time they do, everyone will have worked out their own groupings. I hope i'm wrong.