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    Originally posted by dtvmcdonald View Post
    You use Samtools to convert a .bam to a .sam file.

    The .sam file is human readable, and can also be read in Excel ... but likely is far too big to read in one hunk.
    This is passably user friendly.

    Samtools is a Linux program but there is a Windows port that
    partially works, and this part does, as does
    the creation of Pileup files, which are much nicer
    to look at. However, that requires downloading other files too. This is not user friendly.
    Thanks. I have passed my .bam file on for analysis at YFull. While I would like to view the data, I understand that i really am not qualified to assess it. i am glad we have access to it, so that it can be passed on to those who can further develop it, especially in relation to others within my subclade who have taken the test.


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      Has anybody made public a .bam file, just one's all that's
      needed? Preferably, of course, R1b. But any will do.
      Is so, where?


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        I would encourage all those who receive their .bam files to have it analyzed by a third party source. I have had this done and apparently they have been able to identify some quality SNPs not identified by FTDNA. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.