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YCC2010 -- expanded version?

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  • YCC2010 -- expanded version?

    I have access to four Big Y results now, and I'm starting to explore the various data fields. The one for "On Y-Tree?" has 783 SNPs. This question may expose my lack of experience with Y data mining, but is there someplace we can see an expanded version of the YCC2010 tree? I do have a link for the interactive tree, where you can expand one branch at a time.

    The four samples have varying numbers of "?" for the genotype (23, 35, 37, and 43). Is the "?" equivalent to a no-call, or could it include other categories such as indels, or could it be in a region not covered by the Big Y?

    When we get downloadable results, I'll see if there's a core set where everyone has a "?".