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High population of V in Skane Sweden.

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  • Noaide
    I have gathered this information from the webpage:

    Article: Kittles et al 1999
    Sample size: 28
    Location: Lund, Skåne, Sweden
    Result: V 43%, U5b1 29%, Other 28%

    mtDNA mutations:

    V 16298 (11)
    V 16298, 16204, 16213, 16255 (1)

    H 16311 (1)
    H CRS (2)
    H 16129, 16318 (1)
    H 16274 (1)

    Z 16223, 16129, 16185, 16224, 16224, 16260, 16298 (1)

    U5a1 16270, 16256, 16192, 16362 (2)

    U5b1 16270, 16189, 16144 (3)
    U5b1 16270, 16189, 16144, 16248 (1)
    U5b1 16270, 16189, 16144, 16148 (1)
    U5b1 16270, 16189, 16144, 16335 (1)
    U5b1 16270, 16189, 16144, 16148, 16335 (2)

    The 16148 mutation in U5b1 is supposedly only seen among the Saami population, this mutations strongly suggest that we are here looking at a population closely related to the Saami.

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  • Noaide
    I am curious about more information about how these samples was taken. According to the webpage the samples was made in Kittles et al. 1999

    ("Autosomal, mitochondrial, and Ychromosome DNA variation in Finland: evidence for a male-specific bottleneck")

    I have not found this article so far.


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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    High percentage of U5b1 as well

    The mtDNA in Scania (Skane) is interesting because of the high population of V and U5b1, both very typical of Saami mtDNA. In this link you may study the distribution of mtDNA among Saami women in Norway and Sweden.

    I have no explanation of this anomaly - the non typical mtDNA in the southern part of Scandinavia.

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  • rivergirl
    started a topic High population of V in Skane Sweden.

    High population of V in Skane Sweden.

    I followed a link given on another forum to this website;

    Its in Swedish with a little English.
    It mentions that Skane, in Southern Sweden, has a high population of hapolgroup V. I think only a small group of people were tested, so im not sure how accurate this is.
    It also appears from this article that hg H isnt very big in the Skane area. Maybe that is why V gets a bigger representation?

    See figures 2.16 and 2.17

    My query is if anyone knows more about this.
    My interest is that my maternal side is Danish, and lived not far from Skane. Denmark had control of Skane for a while in the c1600/1700's. (Cant remember the dates exactly, will have to check)
    I can also track some of my Danish male lines back through Denmark to Sweden, particularly Skane in one case.
    Im wondering if Skane might have a influence on my hp being V.