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  • V3c

    So my dad came back as V3c (his strictly maternal line has only been traced to an Anne born around 1848 in Riga, Latvia. We can't find the surname but she married a Wilkeps (Vilcevskis)).

    Anyway, he has no perfect matches but a bunch of distance 1 matches. All of them seem to trace their strictly maternal lines to either the UK or Germany. One of them is a perfect HVR1/HVR2 match (but then must be different on some coding region location) and all of the rest are not perfect HVR1/HVR2 matches and, in fact, none are perfect for HVR1 either so all of the rest must then be perfect HVR2 and coding region matches but have one difference in HVR1.

    At least without knowing more about whether some of the others are distance 0 to each other or not, maybe there is no way to really guess, but what do people think? Is it more likely that he'd be closer to the single match that is perfect on HVR1/HVR2 but a single difference in the coding region or to one or all of the matches that have a single HVR1 difference but are perfect HVR2 and coding region matches?
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