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  • V2s

    I'm Uruguayan, my mother and father families are Spanish, Portuguese and from gossip, a little Amerindian. BUT my mysterious maternal great grandmother, whom did not have a surname, has always remained a mystery.

    She gave birth to my lovely grandmother and gave her away when little to be raised by a wealthy family of landowners in Uruguay. So get to the bottom of the mystery, I decided to have an MtDNA full sequence done and to try and find out what my maternal roots are (I suspected indigenous).

    To my surprise, my MtDNA Haplogroup is V2. There was never any talk of northern European people in my family. Does anybody know just where V2s come from? I did some investigation and it seems that they exist in the British Isles, but nowehere else. Any other V2s out there that might shed some more light about our lineage?

    Thank you