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Haplogroup V Origins and Ice-Age Habitat

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  • Haplogroup V Origins and Ice-Age Habitat

    Some of our Haplogroup origins are unclear; in particular Haplogroup V (4%) has high incidence in Northern Spain and amongst the Saami people. From my understanding/misunderstanding the causative chain is pre-HV>H and pre-V, then pre-V to V: Genographic Project informs us V originated in NW Spain (Cantabria) ~17,000 yrs ago, about the same time as part of U5 co-existed with V in Spain, then sub-branches migrated to Northern Scandinavia - my guess is their route was along N. Africa >back through N.Italy then northwards to establish the Saami ~8,000 yrs ago, where there is also high incidence of V and U5. It has always worried me that authors neglect happenings in N Africa, while Europe is being populated from the west; the area had rainfall all year round with Savanna grasslands >~10,000 yrs ago, and half of the year >6,000BC. The Tuaregs (and maybe Berbers) are supposed to descend from those N Africa nomads? In fact, I think such a population prevented the migration of Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b and others (>~10,000 yrs ago) crossing over the Gibraltar Straits into Africa, where the land was rich in game - something must have, because it should have been quite an inviting habitat for hunter-gatherers.

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    Thank you for that information. It will help me in my family research .