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AncestrybyDNA accuracy for Southern Italians

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  • AncestrybyDNA accuracy for Southern Italians

    I am interested in knowing the accuracy of the AncestrybyDNA admixture test results for Southern Italian ancestry. The reason why I am asking is that I am thinking about doing the Family Finder test to confirm my AncestrybyDNA results, but if the AncestrybyDNA test is accurate, then I won't bother with the Family Finder test. I'd like to know what the experts think about this one.

    I have Southern Italian Ancestry on my mother's side. My father's side is Polish and Irish. My Haplogroup is K.

    AncestrybyDNA says that the typical admixture results for Mediterranean (Greek/Italian) are as follows:

    European: 89%(6.0%)
    Sub-Saharan African: 4.2%(4.4%)
    East Asian: 2.1%(5.4%)
    Indigenous American: 5.7%(5.2%)

    The results they give for SE European (Greek/Italian/Turks) are:

    European: 86.9%(5.6%)
    Sub-Saharan African: 3.6%(3.8%)
    East Asian: 6.7%(5.6%)
    Indigenous American: 7.8%(5.2%)

    The results they give for Italians are:

    European: 86.8%(8.9%)
    Sub-Saharan African: 2.3%(3.2%)
    East Asian: 2.7%(5.5%)
    Indigenous American: 7.3%(5.9%)

    My results came out to be this:

    100% European with confidence levels approximately as follows:

    Sub-Saharan African: 6%
    East Asian: 3%
    Indigenous American: 5%

    I'm eyeballing the results sheet I have, but this is what it looks like to me.

    What do you think? My results match what the sample population turned out to be, would it be worth it to have the Family Finder test done?
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