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    High Resolution (HVR1+HVR2) Matches (88) Are they closer related to me then low matches? Not sure what they are for?


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    Originally posted by pamelaw
    High Resolution (HVR1+HVR2) Matches (88) Are they closer related to me then low matches? Not sure what they are for?

    Not closer, but more certain. There is a 50% probability that you are related to your HVR1+HVR2 matches within the past 1,000 years or so.



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      Jim gave you a good answer.

      I'm also going to give an analogy that might help you equate this to something more familiar.

      Let's say you live in Manhattan (New York). You're talking to two people - one tells you s/he also lives in Manhattan, the other only tells you s/he lives in New York State. Which one lives closer to you?

      You know the Manhattan person at least lives in the same city. But you only know the other person lives in the same state. The second person could also live in Manhattan and could even live on the same street, but s/he hasn't give you that info yet.

      So we could say that having a low-res (HVR1) match is like living in the same state. A high res (HVR1+2) match is like living in the same state and city. And an FGS match is like living in the same state, city and on the same street.

      Anyone who matches you on HVR1, but hasn't tested HVR2 yet has the potential to be a high-res match, but you won't know unless they test HVR2.

      Now what about your HVR1/low-res matches who have tested both HVR1&2 (they'll have an HVR2 in parentheses next to their name), but they don't show up on your high-res list? Well that means they matched you at HVR1, but not at HVR2. In that case, they still live in New York, but maybe they live in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan, and they aren't your closest matches.

      One more.... let's say there's another person who lives in Manhattan, KANSAS instead of New York. In other words, they match on HVR2, but not on HVR1. FTDNA will never show you these types of matches, but you might find them at Mitosearch. This is a similar situation to having a match at HVR1, but a mismatch at HVR2 -- they aren't your closest matches.

      Make sense?

      Hopefully this helps instead of confuse!

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        I think I understand a little better now . I saw someone on my HVR1+HVR2 high res. who has the same last name as my maternal grandmother. When I e-mailed him he said we were not related? Not much else. Do you think it is a good idea to e-mail the people who gave their e-mail addresses for matches?



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          Helped me too over at T

          and confirmed that there is something off for me to have closer matches with strangers than with alleged cousins where I have either HVR1 but not 2 or visa versa.