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    Are the counties listed under Recent Ancestral Origins for Low Resolution Matches and high how my K haplogroup migrated?

    How do I know wich country they were at first? I have for the first one Austria , Azerbaijan, Belarus , Germany etc. Would I be able to put those on a map and see where they stared and how they ended in each of these countries?


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    Hi Pamela,

    For most K Project members, I would advise ignoring the Low Resolution matches, unless, as you do, they have a defining HVR1 mutation. Dr. Behar's 2006 paper said that the Ashkenazi started in the Rhine basin and migrated to the East. If you look at my maps, although a year old, they show this. Start here: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb..../kp400maps.htm

    Also, have you looked at the My Maps tab on your personal page? The High and Low Resolution maps on your page demonstate the same migration pattern.

    So you don't have to put your matches on a map; FTDNA has already done that. But remember, the maps only include those who entered their coordinates under their User Preferences tabs.

    Bill Hurst


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      Thank you. Will check out the link. I have looked at my map and it does not have alot of people on it?