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  • Welcome to the K Forum!

    Welcome to the new mtDNA Haplogroup K Project Forum. This Forum is generally restricted to members of the K Project and to the subject of mitochondrial DNA, especially haplogroup K. If you have a question or a comment, please start a new thread. Subjects which might be discussed are the meaning of the various mutations, the various tests, scientific papers, DNA books, possible genealogical connections, geographical origins for subclades, etc.

    As the Project Administrator, I will monitor the Forum and try to answer any questions. But feel free to direct comments and questions to other participants. And if you know the answer to a question, go ahead and answer it. Contrary to popular belief I don't work on this full-time.

    If you haven't already registered on the FTDNA Forums, you need to do that before you can post here. I'm told the Register button is near the top left on this page.

    Have fun!

    Bill Hurst

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    Hi Bill,
    Happy to be a part of the HapK forum. My maternal line is intriguing as it points the way back, but nothing clear yet. I hope participation in the forum helps me understand more of my maternal line.