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Not found in results of a project I joined !?

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  • Not found in results of a project I joined !?

    Hi ,

    I am new to DNA testing. I got my Mtdna results and still waiting on autosomal. To help get more familiar with all this, I joined a few projects related to my haplogroup - H1ag . After joining a few, I was able to see where in the project I fit. However, in one of the larger projects- H1 mtgenome, I can not find my results with the others. I paged through to where my subclade was and I was not added to that grouping in the project. I couldn’t find me at all.
    Does anyone know why after joining I wouldn’t show up ? Is this something where an admin needs to manually add me or is there some system edit that auto groups you when you join? ( meaning if you don’t meet certain criteria, you don’t get added via a system action).
    Also, on another project I was added but assigned to “ungrouped” even though there were others of my subclade listed under H1ag. Just hoping to get a better understanding of projects and joining . Thanks in advance

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    I forgot to mention - I did update my admin settings as they recommend with these projects, FYI .


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      It's best to ask the admins for the projects with which you have a concern. Usually there are email addresses for admins on the project pages. If you just joined the projects recently, and I'd expect especially for the larger project, it does take time for the administrator(s) to sort or add new members. Project administrators are volunteers, and work on the projects when they have the time.


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        All makes sense to me! I will reach out to them via email, but first give them some time lol. Thanks !