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  • mtDNA Journey error

    Viewing my mtDNA Journey I noticed a blatant error and my reaction is "What were you thinking when you made this FTDNA!!!!" I am X2b-T226C and during the presentation it says I am related to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the USA from 1847-1849.
    1847-1849?????????? What are you thinking FTDNA? Lincoln was president 1861-1865 Who is the genius making these mtDNA Journeys?
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    The mtDNA Journey videos came out two years ago. At the end of the video, there is a graphic in the lower left corner: "powered by igentify," with "igentify" being a logo, having "your health" written under it. Their website says "Igentify is a digital health company that has developed a true end-to-end genetic platform simplifying each step so healthcare providers and patients can leverage their genetic data." You may want to contact FTDNA or igentify to report any problems.

    I'm sure FTDNA outsourced the video creation to igentify, which probably was given or came up with a list of famous figures for each main haplogroup or main subclade to match to customers' results. They should have double-checked things like spelling and dates. I doubt that FTDNA had the resources to proofread all of the many possible videos to catch such mistakes, but if FTDNA provided the information to igentify for the famous figures, then FTDNA should have reviewed them to make sure the info was correct.


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      Thank you for this bit of information. They were actually very basic with my journey video. I am X2b-T226c, but the journey video was about X2b, which is the parent group of my specific haplogroup. I surmised that it was too costly for them to do specific haplogroups. Anyway I did contact FTDNA about this via their help chat. She said they would look into the error. As I told her their error makes FTDNA look unprofessional. This is supposed to be one of the top 5 DNA companies and the error is not a good look for them.


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        It's probably too complicated or expensive to get down to most people's FullSequence haplogroup subclades. Mine is K1a3. My journey starts with "Haplogroup K," from 22,000 to 30,000 years ago. The notable person they chose (as whose DNA shared my K haplogroup) was Ötzi "The Iceman," who is shown in the video as living between 3,100 to 3,400 BCE.

        Ötzi's mtDNA haplogroup was thought to be a K subclade of K1, but which no longer exists, and based on that, he was provisionally given the unique subclade K1ö (I think he may have been re-classified later). Based on that, K1 (not even K1a) is the common parent group for me & Ötzi, so he's really more of a distant "K cousin" to me. K1 is thousands of years older than K1a, or good old Ötzi's K1ö. If your video was about X2b, I suspect that such parent subclades are probably par for the course, and as good as something like these videos are going to be able to do.

        Just to see how their haplogroups might be handled, I tried to view the mtDNA Journey videos for two other kits that I manage for relatives who have had the FullSequence test done. Neither had previously done the data entry needed before creating the video, so I entered the needed information. But, both failed to proceed to the video, getting an error message.


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          I made a mistake while entering my information before running mine, all my fault too. I wanted to have the hair for my character to at least resemble mine and found one, but after realized I had chosen an Eastern Asian character. It wasn't so obvious until I saw my "parents" in the presentation.
          I have kept up with Otzi's story since they found him and it is awesome you are related to him. My X2b started in the Levant and over thousands of years made its way westward and I read that they entered Ireland 5000 years ago where it mutated to X2b-T226C. I have my maternal line back to a woman who died in Kentucky in 1804 with the last name of McCartney, a very Irish name.