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    My mtDNA haplogroup is U5b1b1-T16192C! I have read about mutations and am wondering if I have interpreted my result correctly? The reference source reading at position, 16192 is T. My matching position had mutated to a C (16192 C), which has mutated back to the reference source, a T. The exclamation mark signifies the back mutation.

    I had been wondering about when this mutation might have happened, then found some dna records of a Viking massacre in the grounds of what is now St. John's College, Oxford. One of these has the exact same maternal haplogroup as me (or I of him), so I guess it was a long, long time ago. The dig dates the remains to around 880 AD.
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    That sounds exciting and tasky at the same time. About the Viking Massacre, researchers have found 37 skeletons in a burial site at St John's College way back 2008. Studies showed that these are mostly men aged between 16 and 25.


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      Originally posted by lescoyi View Post
      My mtDNA haplogroup is U5b1b1-T16192C!
      Marker 16192 is highly variable in haplogroup U5, so it's not a very useful marker. The reverse mutation T16192C! could be very recent in your maternal line. It is more useful to check for any other extra mutations that might indicate a closer match with other samples.