Hallo, there!

I have taken the fullMT test and haplogroup is H-G16129A!

So far so good. I have come across an academic paper in which Mitocondrial haplogroups results from difrerent neolithic sammples are analyses.

They mention one case from 5450-4775 BC which would seem to have the same haplogroup as me (H-G1161292A!):
Culture/Age Individual Hg1 Hg H sequence variants compared to RSRS
LBK (5450-4775 BC) HAL11 H T16093C, G16129A!

Is this correct, do I share the same Haplogroup invidual or is it just the same code (G16129A!) for different things?

If this is the case, does this mean that I am more closely related to this invidual than to other individuals in the H haplogroup? Would this give any indication of when this particular mutation took place?

I realise that this person is not necessarily my ancestor but many people can say that we at least share a common ancestor with him/her.

Here's the full article: