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  • Need help on a theory

    Hello :

    I am looking for some help in finding the parents of my 9th gg grandfather which has been quiet a mystery for me and not much interest in others. So my 9th ggg grandfather is Thomas Spencer born in 1596 in Winchcombe Gloustershire England. immigrated to Maine in 1630 he is often confused with some Thomas from the 4 Spencer Brother fame. I think my Thomas Spencer could be of some sort of wealth.

    On FTDNA site is the Spencer DNA project where the Spencer Y DNA samples from Maine are in line 9 and are RM-269 Haplogroup . the Spencer project chart is here : I did some googling on RM-269 and came across a FTDNA Stuart project and found someone had the same matching Haplogroup number. the link to the FTDNA Stuart project is here :

    So my question is, is my 9th gg grandfather related to these Stuarts? or is my understanding of Haplogroups totally wrong .

    Thank you.

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    Well, you posted this question, dealing with Y-DNA, in an mtDNA subforum (mtDNA is passed down by mothers to her children, Y-DNA passed by fathers only to sons).

    You may want to repost it in a Y-DNA subforum. R-M269 is a major branch of R1b, with many sub-branches, and thus very common. Unless you have tested your Y-DNA to a more recent subclade of R-M269, via SNP testing or the Big Y, it would be hard to determine if your Spencer is related to any Stuart line, just based on both being within R-M269.

    If you repost in a Y subforum, someone may be able to give more advice.


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      First my apologies for posting in the wrong area, my Spencer line comes from my mother so my Y DNA would not help. however i do believe you answered my question and thank you, now back to pounding my head on the brick wall hoping and praying for help :-)