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    I've taken the mtFull test and have a haplogroup of T2b4b. I'm trying to actually use this for a genealogical purpose and think I have a good use case. I've got an ancestor where we haven't been able to find a marriage record and suspect he might have been married twice and that there are children from both marriages. I've got a direct maternal lineage to one sibling and somebody else has a direct maternal lineage to the other sibling. The haplogroups should match if they had the same mother and won't otherwise. I know a mtFull DNA test would be definitive but what about a mtDNA Plus? My understanding is that the haplogroup information from this test would be T or T2. Since this is a test to answer a straightforward yes/no question, what are the odds of a false positive where there were two different mothers and both showed as a match?

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    No idea what the probabilities are of it happening in general, and it would likely vary based on the population in question and the Haplogroups involved. But I do know the odds the drop very quickly as you go into deeper detail. In theory, it is possible to get a False Positive even with a FMS(sisters, 1st cousins on the same maternal line, etc). I imagine this could be particularly so in a region with endogamy going on, but being able to demonstrate that is what happened is probably another matter.

    Basically in order to know the probability of it being an issue, you would first need to test someone to that level.