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South-East African mtdna L3e2b1a2

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  • South-East African mtdna L3e2b1a2

    Hey, are there people here who are L3e2b1a2? If so, what is your ethnicity! Its my maternal haplogroup and it is mostly found in Southeastern Africa. According to the Root for your roots (new tool from 23andme,regarsing the world cup this year) it has ancient roots in Northeastern Africa.

    According to James Lick, it has been found mostly amongst people from Zambia, Mozambique, Angola.

    For now I have found a Moroccan Berber with my mtdna, a Esan from Nigeria, a South African, three people from Madagascar, and one who was either from Zambia or Angola.

    I have seen some people who are L3e2b1a on 23andme (like me) but just like many haplogroups its seems that those people are actually a downstream of it.