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mtDNA testing after 23andme test

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  • mtDNA testing after 23andme test


    I'm a little new to geneology and mostly going by forum topics.

    I got my ancestry (and health) test done via 23andme - which said my maternal Haplogroup is 'R'. Which seemed pretty broad.

    I entered the raw results in both James Lick's tool and WeGene -
    James Lick site said possible matches are R7 and B4'5 and B4 - which also didn't seem conclusive.

    Wegene like 23andme said it's 'R'

    I am interested in deep ancestry and migration - given that, it is worth doing a full sequencing from ftDNA? Or the data i got from 23andme have all the information that can be found? Please advise

    Thank you

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    Update, I uploaded to the new James Lick tool (updated) and it says:

    Best mtDNA Haplogroup Matches:
    1) R7

    2) R

    2) R6

    2) R31

    2) R2'JT

    2) R(T16189C)

    3) B4'5

    Again - i am wondering if i should do a full sequencing on ftDNA to get a more reliable match


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      Yes, you should test the full mtDNA sequence. If you are R7, the full sequence will identify a more specific subclade. You can see the R7 results that have been published in the research data base GenBank at this link.