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  • mtDNA J2a2d

    Any other J2a2dĀ“s here? If so, please post your direct maternal line's origin.
    My grandmother's line is from Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
    It seems this hg is from the Maghreb area of North Africa.

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    I am also J2a2d, my maternal grandmother is of Algerian origin, on the side of Skikda


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      Hi Camus!
      Thank you for your reply. Do you know how many generations back your grandmotherĀ“s maternal line has been in Algeria? Have you found any other Algerians with this haplogroup?
      It is my belief that J2a2d arrived in Canary Islands through north Africa.


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        Hi Matias,

        I know my great-grandmother comes from Algeria, his mother too.
        I spoke a moment ago with a person from the city of Bejaia who was J2a2d, our haplogroup is also present in Portugal, Italy and Tunisia.


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          That's very interesting Camus.
          Just curious, would you consider your great grandmother of Berber origin? What are your myOrigins results? Any South-Euro or Middle East, or mainly North African?


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            Personally my researches make me say that it must be of Berber origin like the great majority of the inhabitants of North Africa.
            My results are mainly:
            75% North Africa
            15% Southeast Europe

            Do you know other people who are J2a2d like us?

            Have you submitted your results here for comparison?


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              I suspected that it was a Berber haplogroup. Thank you for sharing. The only other people I know with our hg are my mtDNA matches at FTDNA, a few are Cuban and one is from Venezuela, I'm almost certain that their direct maternal lines are from Canary Islands (just like my grandmother). Canary Islands had a Berber (Guanche) population before the Spanish got there.
              I also have twelve DNA cousins at 23andme that have mtDNA J2a2, 23andme does not show the "d" at the end but I believe they are all actually J2a2d. Most of them are Cuban, Puertorican, and one from Venezuela, which all had a large migrations from Canary Islands.

              I haven't submitted my results to that website yet.



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                My mother J2a2d was from the Island of Madeira dating back to at least 1606 - not sure if this is representative of a large proportion of the Iberian Peninsula dating back to the Cordoba Caliphate of rather the migration of traders and fishermen inhabiting these islands long before the Portuguese and Spanish sailed out to these Atlantic Islands?