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    My uncle and 1st cousin took the full sequence mtDNA test and their maternal haplogroup's are J1c12a. What exactly can this result tell me about my maternal line? Is information available that can help me understand this haplogroup? I do know that my ancestryDNA results show that I am 58% Irish and 18% Scandinavian. I would imagine I have a bit of the Viking invasion showing in my DNA with a bit of the Roman invasion at 9%.

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    AncestryDNA is an autosomal test which is inherited equally from both parents and includes all the various grandparents (~25 from each,) great grandparents (~12.5% from each,) and so on. Mitochondrial DNA, on the other hand, is a uniparental marker that follows a select inheritance path: your mom, her mom, her mom, so on, and no others. So really, trying to compare the two is a bit like comparing apples and oranges, both fruit, but otherwise pretty different. Autosomal DNA gives you genealogically recent ethnicity estimates and is very helpful for finding relatives, close and and somewhat distant. Mitochondrial DNA is better for studying ancient population migrations, regional variation, and doesn't usually lend itself to finding genealogically relevant relatives matches. I personally don't recommend mtdna testing unless you have a compelling family mystery to solve, want to contribute to science by submitting your results to Genbank, or like me, are a mtdna-phile and just love the chase. Don't get me wrong; The FMS test is a nice test in the genetics world: one and done, unlike most autosomal tests which get superseded when a better one comes out. But, to be honest, your J1c12a probably won't help you nail down that Irish/Scandinavian/Viking/Roman conundrum very least not in it's current state. It's up to you to trace your genealogy to figure out where that J1c12a came from and maybe eventually, FTDNA will start posting results for ancient burials that we can hopefully connect to our FMS results. How fun would that be? I would love to see FTDNA improve interface for the FMS test but it tends to take a backseat to Y testing around here. Anyway, I'm a fellow FMS tester and am J1c3i, so on the same tree (but very distantly related, as in our last common mtdna ancestor was J1c) so good luck! And join FTDNA's mtdna J group if you haven't already and consider submitting your results to Genbank. You might get to be a part of scientific discoveries!

    Here's J1c12 in Genbank now: