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  • T2b4b

    My maternal haplogroup is T2b4b and my paternal haplogroup is I-BY3095. Combined you have IT and since I work in the Information Technology (IT) field, I found that a bit humorous. The mtDNA test so far has been pretty worthless. There's a little bit of irony in that my mtDNA results have a Carson surname match where my Y-dna results do not.

    The main problem is that the surname match means nothing on the mtDNA side because the names change each generation. So, what do you do with the results? You'd need a complete list of the female surnames for any match to validate one. Perhaps that information should be added somewhere for mtDNA searches. Otherwise, it's just a curiosity item.

    My father's mtDNA haplogroup is U3a1b. What's the difference in that and T2b4b? I think their both European or Western Asia in origin but I'm not sure that it tells me anything useful.