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  • H13a1a1

    Hi !

    is there some H13a1a1 here ? i didn't find any informations about my haplogroup ...someone can give me some infos ?

    thank you !

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    My paternal grandmother's line is H13a1a1a, so a branch off of your H13a1a1.

    There isn't much about either on the Eupedia page for Haplogroup H (mtDNA), where it says:
    H13 could have been a lineage of goat herders living in the mountainous environment of eastern Anatolia and the Caucasus, then spread through the equally mountainous landscapes of the Mediterranean, from Greece to Italy, then to Iberia.
    Haplogroup H2b, H6a1b, H13a1a1a and many other undetermined H subclades (including many probable H1 and H5) turned up among the mtDNA samples from the Yamna culture, which occupied the Pontic-Caspian Steppe during the Early Bronze Age.
    My father did the Geno 2.0 test by National Geographic. They say:
    Branch: H13
    Age: 12,500 ± 900 Years Ago
    Location of Origin: Central Asia
    Groups containing this lineage lived in the harsh climate of the Caucasus. From there, some have migrated to Europe and West Asia.

    Today, this line is present at low frequency in both Asia and Europe, but its highest population frequency and diversity is present in the Caucasus. There, it is prominent in Dagestan (15 percent) and in Georgia (13.3 percent).

    In West Asia, it is over 18 percent of some population groups in Iraq and about 13 percent of the population in United Arab Emirates.

    In Europe, it is 3 to 4 percent of maternal lineages in Italy, 3 percent of maternal lineages in Norway, and about 2 percent of maternal lineages in Turkey.

    Note: This branch is not accompanied by a major movement on the map, and research on this branch is continuing.
    Branch: H13a1a1
    Age: About 5,880 years old
    Location of Origin: Central Asia
    This woman’s descendants mark several waves of migrants who traveled from Central Asia to northwestern Europe and southeastern Europe.

    Today, this branch is present at trance frequencies of less than 1 percent in northwestern Europe. The highest frequencies there are in Finland and Norway, where it accounts for a little more than 1 percent of the population. Contrastingly, other descendant branches of this lineage are present in Jewish Diaspora population groups such as Ashkenazi Jews.

    Note: This branch is not accompanied by a major movement on the map, and research on this branch is continuing.
    Bottom line: "more research needed here."
    I'm sorry I don't have any other resources to share, but there may be some scientific papers online somewhere that I haven't come across yet.

    My father's direct maternal line only goes back to his great-grandmother in Germany; a brick wall for my genealogical research, unfortunately. She may have lived in what was then Prussia (a region which has been in Poland since WWII), but I can't find proof for that theory so far. His grandmother left few clues for her origin in Germany in the records I've found for her.

    You could try joining the H13 mtDNA Haplogroup project.
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      thank you ! it's very interesting !