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Any other U4s out there?

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  • Any other U4s out there?

    I had posted on 23andme as well but it seems we are few and far between. I haven't had much success finding anyone else. I'm U4b1b1

    Hello if you're out there!

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    U4 Haplogroup


    I just got my Haplogroup and I am U4b2a1. My original DNA was done with I have uploaded that data to GEDmatch, which shows matches from many other DNA testing companies such as 23 and Me. Some of the matches do post their Haplogroup next to their results, but I haven't found any U4 yet. I'm not sure that many folks even know to test for the MtDNA. I only found one person who was a full sequence match, but haven't been able to do anything with her information yet. My mother was Ukrainian living in southeastern Poland near the border of Ukraine and Slovakia. I have a lot of data about my maternal grandfather (which goes to 1750s in the same town,) but not my maternal grandmother's line. I will be going to Ukraine this Fall and hopefully can get more information about my maternal grandmother's line from cousins. My mtDNA match has her descent from Slovakia. It's possible that descendants migrated from Slovakia through the mountain pass to the area where my mother's roots are. This process is exciting yet challenging. I'd like to know else I can do with my U4 info.


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      We are special.
      My sample was collected by SMGF, then got the result from Gene Tree. It says U4, and it looks like U4a2b, with 16223T.
      My maternal line is Slavic.


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        I read some Ashkenazic Jews carry some variety of mtDNA U4 and Martin Richards' team of scientists believe it came from a European ancestor.

        One of them is the branch U4a3a represented in FTDNA's U4mtDNA project by the following Jewish lineages:
        * Marian Stein b. 1 March 1889, Lviv, Ukraine
        This kit also belongs to the JewishDNAProject and Jewish_Ukraine_West project.
        * Genendel (Jennie) Shulman b1875 - Volyna Gubernia
        This kit also belongs to the JewishPodolia project.

        There is also this U4a3 holder listed:
        Math. Goldstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern U4a3

        And these undifferentiated U4 holders who haven't gotten the full sequence test yet:
        * Genya Tsira Rappoport bc1845 Pleshchenitsy Belarus
        Rappoport is a well-known Ashkenazic surname.
        * Zemrut (Chana) Levian, 1905-1986 (est)


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          Also according to the U4mtDNA project, U4a3a is also found among Christian Norwegians, English, Belgians, Germans, Swiss, and also this Polish maternal lineage:
          * Marianna Sika b.1830 Pysząca, Poland


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            Hi. I am the owner of on of the kits you mentioned above. My maternal grandmother's autosomal kit comes back as 100% Ashkenazi, so the addition of U4a3a into the Ashkenazi population isn't at all recent. The other U4a3a matches that aren't Jewish all show ancestry in Germanic-speaking Central Europe, without exception. I know my family left that area in the late medieval period. This leads me to conclude that there was a conversion event that occurred in the late medieval period somewhere in the Holy Roman Empire during the Ashkenazi sojourn there, when a Germanic-speaking woman married into a Jewish family, weaving yet another thread in diasporatic Jewish life. I hope that helps


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              We have U4a3a too. Our most distant ancestor was from Durham UK 1777. I believe U4a3a originated in what is now the Czech Republic but that may have changed.

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