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  • Understanding matches

    If it says exact matches on the search function (for the maps with the red pins) what exactly does that mean?

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    An exact match, at whatever level, means that you and the match have no differences on the markers tested. For a full sequence test, that means that you and the match have the same result for all 16,500+ markers tested. For the HVR1 test, you would match on every marker included in that test and, for the HVR1/HVR2 test, you would match on every marker included in that test. The HVR1 and HVR1/HVR2 tests are partial tests that don't include every mtDNA marker.

    If you're trying to find matches within a genealogical time frame, you generally should only be looking at exact matches. It's possible that someone with whom you differ on one marker may have a common maternal line ancestor with you in a genealogical time frame, but many 1 difference matches will not. FTDNA will not tell you about matches at the HVR1 or HVR1/HVR2 level unless they're exact. They will give you all your matches at the full sequence level that differ with you on 3 or less markers.


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      Ok, so I have one exact match on mtdna full sequence with the genetic distance of two. What does that mean?


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        A genetic distance of two means that you differ on two of the markers that have been tested. With that sort of difference, it's not too likely that you and the match share a common maternal line ancestor in the last few or maybe even several hundred years.

        If you'd like more than the general answer that I've given, the best thing to do is to join the appropriate haplogroup project. The administrator of the project is the most knowledgeable person to give you advice or analysis about what your match with the other person may indicate.

        What's your haplogroup?
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          It is rare H15a1. I did have some luck finally locating who I think is my great grandmothers mother, and possibly her family line. I am searching census papers.