Inspired by Felix thread found here:

I spent some time investigating if there could there be an alternative view of the mtDNA Haplogroup and subclade tree using only the genetic distance from the hypothetical mtDNA root: mtEVE.

The entire tree is based on a 3-column table:
Clade name; Parent clade; Genetic distance

The table is based on mtDNA tree Build 16 (19 Feb 2014) found here:

Here you may download the source data table file:

I have created 2 different views using the same logic, one view is vertically normalized:

It is important to stress the fact that the X-axis does not represent a timeline.

Screenshots of the 2 different views,
Top aligned:

Vertically normalized:

♦ = mutation

Any branch from parent is automatically 1 mutation, additional mutations is represented by ♦.
Have fun!