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Any fellow C5c1a in here? Any informatino on the haplogroup??

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  • Any fellow C5c1a in here? Any informatino on the haplogroup??

    C5c1a showed up as my maternal line. I hit a dead end on my family research with my maternal line in mid 1800's Tennessee. The Census's back then in the American Southeast only showed the head of household and how many free people and how many slaves.

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    The Polish Project has two members belonging to C5c1a. But of course, this does not necessarily mean that your matrilineal ancestor was Polish.


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      GenBank has C5c1a examples from Poland, Germany, and Uzbekistan.

      The mtDNA C Project has a C5c1a example from Italy.


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        I did a Google search for "mtDNA C5" and quickly found two results that mention C5c1 and/or C5c1a:

        Both quote the same study,

        "It appears that European branch C5c1 is more differentiated, as far as two of three sequenced Polish mtDNAs formed a separate branch (C5c1a), defined by a coding region mutation at np 7694. The relatively large amount of internal variation accumulated in the Polish branch of C5c would mean that C5c1 arose in situ in Europe after the arrival of a C5c1 founder mtDNA from southern Siberia, and that C5c1 affiliation is a marker of maternal Siberian ancestry. The phylogeny depicted in Figure S1 provides additional information concerning the entry time of the founder mtDNA – the age of C5c node is estimated as 9.7 (3.17; 16.49) kya when using the sequence variation of the entire genome, and 9.2±4.74 when only synonymous mutations are considered (Table S3)."
        Perhaps you can get more information from the study, linked above.


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          Thanks so much for the information. I had read before about the Polish origin. Was just making sure thats all thats out there so far. Thanks again.


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            Okie, I'm interested in this haplogroup, as I had an ancestor who carried it. I've sent you a PM to see if you match my father's late third cousin who tested as C5c1a.


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              I just found out I am C5c1a. I took the test because I hit a dead end with my great grandmother, Elisabeth Gabriel, born circa 1875 in what was then known as South Russia, now known as Ukraine. I have no knowledge of who her parents are. My mtDNA results also state that I have a common ancestor with Demasduit, a Beothuk woman from Newfoundland, born circa 1796. Let me know if any of this is helpful or if we can share family tree info.