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  • Mutation A2320t

    I am struggling to find out what this means, my MTDNA came back as H3-T152C!

    I do not really understand mutations or how to know what is rare or not.

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    Mine are attached as well FYI.

    You have 2 HVR2 mutations I do not share.

    We each have one Coding Region mutation the other doesn't.

    Our GD is 4 so we won't show up in each other's match lists, though we are both H3-T152C! [the ! signifies a back-mutation to the reference]. We do not share A2320T meaning I am still 2320A. [A2320T means 2320A-->T, or mutated to T].

    I suggest visiting the ISOGG Tree:

    H is under R0 off the main screen. You may need to toggle your results between RSRS and rCRS as you go through the tree to get the feel of it all. [You should be able to walk yourself along by your RSRS mutations list, which starts at ground zero, not in left field like the rCRS...] breadcrumbs are 73, 14766, 2706/7028, 6776 to 152.

    Good luck!

    Bob H.
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      Thanks for that