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  • K1a3a1b

    Looking for reading material on how to understand my results or others who have the same results.

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    I am close to yours, with my mt haplogroup being K1a3, both by Geno 2.0 testing, and here at FTDNA by FMS testing.

    I would advise that you join the K mtDNA project, run by William Hurst, although I don't know if he has any info about K1a3a1b specifically.

    And I haven't found a lot of information about the K1a3 branch online, but can't say I've dedicated many hours of research to it, either. You can check out a heat map of haplogroup K on the Haplogroup K page on the Eupedia website. Also on that page, for K1a3a, it says
    K1a3a : found in Russia, central and western Europe
    That may be as close as you'll find for information on your specific subclade of K1a3a1b. Some branches of K1a are common for Ashkenazi I think, but from what I've read, K1a3 is supposedly not one of those.

    My maternal line goes back to Greece, with a possibility of going further back to Malta or possibly Italy - TBD!


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      Have you joined the mtDNA K haplogroup project? Bill has done a huge amount of work on K and he is a great resources.


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        Could you post a link to join Bill’s haplogroup study. Thank you. I am K1a3a1b
        Donna Mullen
        [email protected]