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  • J1c1a

    I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge. I have the results of my Mtdna full sequence. I have no idea what this means or how to read it. I am finding this whole DNA thing extremely hard to read/follow. Help? Anyone?

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    My first question for you is why did you take the FMS and what were you expecting to learn from it? I ask because I see the FMS as a specialty type test which tends to be good for specific genealogy related instances, for example, you have 2 people who might share a common mitochondrial ancestor so you test to find out whether they actually match each other. Other than that, I see it as either a neat little factoid to know about oneself that *may* reveal distant ancestral info about one specific lineage or as a way for citizen scientists to contribute to science via submitting their results to Genbank. Otherwise, the test is of very little value for recent genealogy as any matches, even 0 step ones, are often not connectable to common ancestors since mitochondrial DNA changes so slowly. FTDNA claims that 0 step matches have a 50% probably of sharing a common ancestor within 5 generations and a 95% probability in 22 generations. That's a lot of wiggle room and most people are lucky to know 5 generations and there is still a 5% chance that the match is more than 22 generations. I, myself, have 4 0-step matches, none of which are connectable to an individual common ancestor. But my results are interesting, nonetheless: My J1c3i ancestress is PA Dutch Mennonite from Lancaster PA, suspected Swiss ancestry, and of my 4 matches: 2 are PA Dutch, 1 is Swiss, the last one is adopted. So, not a complete loss and besides, I was really into it for the research and to submit to Genbank, which I did.

    So hopefully you weren't looking for recent genealogy as you might be disappointed. Family Finder would be a better test for that. But then, you could get lucky with a findable match. I have a mitochondrial match at 23andme so it can happen but 23andme doesn't provide mtdna testing that allows for mtdna matching, I confirmed it via genealogy. Anyway, mtdna J is interesting in my not-so-unbiased opinion. I hope you consider your test worthwhile.

    Here's a link to explore more about mtdna J:

    If you haven't already, consider joining FTDNA's mtdna J group and submitting your results to Genbank to further the understanding of mtdna J:


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      Thank you so much for your imput!


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        I agree with Littlest bit, a succinct post.
        A little bit more clarity on Genbank...