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question about U5a2a through mother's line

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  • question about U5a2a through mother's line

    I'm a U5a2a and my half sister is a T5. We know we share the same father. My question is I have three close cousins, one is part of the T group and the other 2 are J group. Does that mean they are also through my father and not my mother? If so, which halpogroups should I check out to see who's through my mother's side?


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    mtDNA is only shared through mothers.

    For example, hypothetically, if your mother and your half-sister mother had brothers, then children of these brothers would inherit mtDNA haplogroup from these brothers wives.

    Some items from the Family Tree DNA Learning Center might be useful:W.

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      Originally posted by storm song View Post
      I'm a U5a2a
      About 95% of people in U5a2a are in its largest subclade U5a2a1, and there are three other known subclades of U5a2a that are extremely rare. If you tested the full mtDNA sequence please consider joining the U5a FMS project and I'll see which of the subclades you are in. I'm the volunteer administrator for the project.