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  • u5a1

    I've just received my mt haplogroup as show above. Information I'm seeing seems to indicate it's a pretty ancient line. My maternal family can only be traced back to the early 1800s to the Berwickshire, Scotland region.
    I'm wondering if there are any other u5a1 folks who have traced the line further?
    One article I read says there are two isolated groups, in West coastal India and another in the Caucus Mts.
    Family folklore says our ancestors were Vikings. I am starting to think one of those Vikings brought an Indian bride back to the Isles somewhere in the mists of time.

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    Hei Karen,

    Are you able to be any more specific than U5a1? My mtDNA haplogroup is U5a1b1* and my maternal line is around the same region as yours. If you have not already done so, could I suggest that you join the U5a project. The administrators may then be able to help to take you a step further in your analysis.


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      a bit more specific

      Sorry, I am a u5a1a.
      My family names are Isbister, Fair, Waddell,Wilkinson and Atchison as far back as I can trace.
      My Isbister and Fair ggparents met and married in Canada.
      My Fair and Waddell 3xgrandparents met and married in unknown place in Scotland,
      Waddell and Wilkinson were both from Bunkle, Berwickshire, Scotland.
      Waddell and Achison were both from Berwickshire, town unknown.


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        Different group from me then. Have you tried looking for your folks on ?


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          Originally posted by KarenW View Post
          I am a u5a1a.
          To date everyone in U5a1a who tested the full sequence is in either U5a1a1 or U5a1a2. There is more info on these groups on the U5 haplogroup project page. You can upload 23andMe results to James Lick's mthap tool and it might show which of these groups you are in.


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            I am U5a1f1a and the route shows a large proportion in the Scandinavian countries. As far as I know all my relatives are from eastern europe so I need to check further. What is the rest of your u5a1 code? Thanks Ilene