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Halogroup "A" on Mtdna is this correct?

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  • Halogroup "A" on Mtdna is this correct?

    I am a female and did the mtdnaplus test.

    My Halogroup is showing as "A". Which is fine, I have zero matches anywhere, but one person on mitosearch. No problem. My only match ancestor was a indigenous from S.America, which makes sense as my ancestor had indigenous background from S.America.

    What I am confused it is that all information I find it is of y-dna halogroup "A".

    Could be that my test is incorrect?

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    Found something. It makes a lot of sense now. I now can see how I have Japanese and Siberia % on some dna tests and some on my Origins that did not show on my dad's. It is due to this maternal ancestor. Even thought her father could have been a Portuguese man, she was indeed, native.