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  • K2a9

    I am brand new to this. I just got my mtDNA results and it lists me as K2a9. I have been searching all over the web, but I can't really find much out about it.
    Any suggestions of where I can find out more about it?

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    If you are looking for population studies specifically targeting K2a9, it appears that there are none, yet.

    And with only 5 members of mtDNA Haplogroup K project at FTDNA (select K2a9 from the dropdown list) that are K2a9, any guess has the same value. For example, the person from Iraq provided no real information and you can guess whether she or he is a child of a Polish blonde who went to Iraq in seventies with her Iraqi student husband, or it belongs to someone with the local matrilineal line traceable for thousands of years, or may be her/his matrilineal line started in Baghdad only after soldiers of Ottoman Empire in the 16th or 17th century plundered Lithuanian territory including a K2a9 female later sold in the Stambul slave market...