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  • mtDNA transfer from 23andMe

    I had mtDNA testing and results on 23andMe. Can those be transferred to my family finder account on FamilyTreeDNA? If so, how is this done?


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    No, mtDNA results cannot be transferred from 23andMe.

    23andMe is primarily an autosomal DNA test. While it does test enough of the mtDNA to provide your mtDNA haplogroup, it doesn't test enough to provide genealogical matches.

    Family Tree DNA's mtDNA tests provide both genealogical matches and the haplogroup.



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      Elise is correct that 23andMe just tests enough mtDNA to provide haplogroup information. I'd like to add that the haplogroup information from the test is based on an outdated version of the mtDNA tree. So, for many (probably most) people the test can no longer provide an up-to-date subclade assignment. The only way to ensure that you can determine your most refined subclade is to take the mtFull Sequence test. The full-sequence test will permanently enable you to find where you fit on the mtDNA tree, both now and in the future as new branches are found. The test also provides a set of your closest matches in the FTDNA database.

      -- Martha Hicks


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        I just want to add that FTDNA is also not up-to-date with the phylotree so everyone, regardless of whether they have FTDNA's FMS test or 23andme's, should run the mtdna analysis tool to discover their most up-to-date closest match:

        My FMS results, as well as 23andme, show me as J1c3 but I carry the mutations for J1c3i which was added to the Phylotree in Sept 2012. FTDNA lists my J1c3i mutations as extras.


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          You are correct. FTDNA has me at T2C2 when I am now a T2c1d1. I am sure the adjustment needed to convert everyone in their database would be a chore.


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            The most up to date phylogenetic tree is 16 mtDNA tree Build 16 (19 Feb 2014). From last check 23andMe is at 7 and FTDNA is at 14.