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  • Reading individual genes

    Years ago there was a website where you could put in the results of one gene and discover the results of any mutations. So I am looking to see if I have a genetic mutation for Factor V Leiden. Anyone know where and how to do it.
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    Maybe you're thinking of SNPedia?


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      Sorry for being tardy to this thread, but it just caught my attention. Here is what SNPedia says about rs6025, the refSNP number for Factor V Leiden.

      I couldn't find rs6025 in my Family Finder raw data, but I did find it in my 23andMe raw data. I have CC there. T is the risk allele, so I'm good to go on that one.

      A is also listed as the risk allele, but that is reading the double helix from the other side, and T is always opposite A (and C is always opposite G). So, if A is the risk allele when reading the result one way, T is the risk allele when reading it the other. You will see that SNPedia says A is the risk allele but later says T is the risk allele. Scroll down and you will see a "GWAS snp" box that shows T as the risk allele. GWAS stands for Genome Wide Association Studies.

      To find your rs6025 result at 23andMe, login, then click on the little dropdown arrow next to your name in the upper right. Next, click on Browse Raw Data in the dropdown menu, then enter rs6025 in the search bar and press the enter button on your computer or click on the little magnifying glass in the search bar. Your result should appear.

      Here's a screenshot of my rs6025 result at 23andMe:

      Stevens_Richard 2_rs6025 result CC.jpg
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