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    I (Swiss resident, born 1983, haplogroup V11) have the following problem:

    Earliest known female ancestor born around 1875, Swiss nationality (French name)
    Around 10 cousins with exact matches in UK countries and Ireland
    About the same amount of exact matches in the USA
    Earliest ancestor of one of my US "cousins" born with English first name in USA 1835

    I'd like to find out in what century and/or decade my cousins sailed for the US.

    With the above info, is it save to say that it must have been before 1835? Or, and this is the 100 Dollar question, could emigration have been THE OTHER WAY AROUND trough the UK's or even, could some of my mothers have gone back and forth?

    Thank you!

    PS: I read that emigration was only common in the 1850's and later. Was there even emigration before that? Can you recommend a good book on the subject?

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    Build a tree at They also have a feature called Thrulines that will locate potential cousins with matching trees. Many of these matches may have immigration records with the ancestor profiles. And you can search for Shipping records.

    If you matching cousins have less than 50 cM, it will be tough to figure out their relationships. Not impossible, but challenging. Concentrate on your matches over 50 or 100.

    Upload your raw DNA to other sites, particularly MyHeritage which has more current European testers.

    IMO, not too many people could afford back and forth travel. I have a 2nd cousin match where that was true but in 1930s.


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      Thank you​​