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    I ordered the MTDNA for my mother for Mother's Day. They got the test kit on May 20th. June 5th, is when I got an e-mail saying family finder results are in. Still waiting for the MTDNA part. Shouldnt I have had it by now? Im not seeing anything that says I ordered a MTDNA so Im little confused since I know I clicked on the MTDNA. Only thing it shows in the order history is family finder which is not what I selected unless that is part of the MTDNA package?

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    Family Finder is not part of any mtDNA test, unless they were offering a bundle which contained both. If you haven't done this already, when you are logged into your mother's account, hover over her name in the top right, and select "Order History." That page will show you the status of any tests you've ordered for that kit. If no mtDNA test shows, you should contact FTDNA and find out why your mother received a Family Finder test instead of an mtDNA test.

    Can you check back in your emails, to see what the "new order confirmation" email said for your mother's kit? It should say the name of the test and the amount paid.