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Mesolithic Serbia

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  • Mesolithic Serbia

    I'd like to know more about my subclade of H which is v-19 anyone have any theories on these people?

    P.S I believe it was pre historic, before any Slavic migration to the Balkans/Serbia

    Thank you!

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    Anybody at all?


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      I tried checking Eupedia, but that site doesn't seem to have HV19 information yet. I next tried, but it appears to be down. A web search showed that it at least once had a page for HV19.

      There is a research article, "Late Danubian mitochondrial genomes shed light into the Neolithisation of Central Europe in the 5thmillennium BC" which mentions haplogroup HV in general, but only discusses the Neolithic period.

      The FTDNA mtDNA Haplotree shows the following country information for those who have tested as HV19:
      Countries haplogroup HV19
      Qatar - 1 participant
      Turkey - 1 participant
      United Arab Emirates - 1 participant
      Saudi Arabia - 1 participant
      plus 7 of "Unknown Origin."

      FTDNA has both an H and HV mtDNA Hg project (the larger of the two), and an HV mtGenome project, so you might join either or both of those. Perhaps the administrators for those projects could help you find more information. You could also bring this topic up in those projects' Activity Feeds.