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How to merge entries on MyFamilyTree

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  • How to merge entries on MyFamilyTree

    I have looked at every place that I can think of but there is very little documentation on MyFamilyTree. And I can't find any forum for it.

    It was simple enough to figure out by trial and error - and a got a huge tree setup - but ran into the need to join a parent at one place to a child somewhere else - even on a different "page" (by the little tree icon in the corner of the person place holder).

    I have tried about everything I can think of but nothing seems to work.

    Does someone know how to do this rather essential thing while building a tree?

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    I don't think it is possible. I had this very problem, there may be a way in which case yay (I'll watch this thread).
    I imported a tree & every time it broke a tiny branch off. I Re - imported versions of the tree multiple times, & it still did it. It would not allow me to reconnect it So I had to duplicate each member on that branch individually by attaching them one by one directly to the point on the main tree where they were separated on import. Then I had to delete the separated branch. I absolutely hate the tree builder in ftdna it is so awkward.
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