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Would you consider them sisters based on this evidence?

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  • Would you consider them sisters based on this evidence?

    I'm in haplogroup H3h with FMS, tested about 6 years ago. I've been monitoring my matches to see if any can be tied in to my known genealogy which goes back to early Dutch settlers of Schenectady, NY on my mtDNA line, without any success. Some of my exact matches are from Sweden and Russia which must be pre-genealogical connections. I have a total of 140 matches of GD 0-3, with 23 at GD 0. Last week my 23rd GD 0 match showed up and she has an ancestor who has the same last name (Scott) as my 3rd great grandmother, they were born a year apart, and lived as adults in Warren County in upstate NY. Since they were born around 1802-3 there are no census records to show them together and I can find no birth or baptism records showing names of parents, but I have other evidence for the parents of my ancestor. My match has found none for hers.

    I think the odds would be very small that this is just a coincidence and these two women were not sisters. I'd welcome other opinions.

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    How does your autosomal DNA compare? You have a good chance of matching a 4th cousin, around 50% or so. Scott is such a common name. . .


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      Match has not taken FamilyFinder. She is my 4th cousin 1x removed so there is only a slim chance of matching. Scott is a common surname but for the only Scott to show up as a match, and to be living in the same county (pop. 9400 in 1820, or 0.094% of total US population) as my Scott would seem to me not to be coincidental.


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        I wouldn't want to pass up the change of gaining additional evidence of an autosomal match.


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          I won't ask this match to pay for FamilyFinder on the off chance we may match. I have many known 4th cousins who do not match. This connection would benefit her more than me since she doesn't know the ancestors of her Scott, yet she doesn't seem all that interested. I'll just remain optimistic about finding a mtDNA match that is farther back than this.