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Can I order a mtDNA test for my wife?

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  • Can I order a mtDNA test for my wife?

    She has already taken the Family Finder test so there should be enough of a DNA sample left. I'm just wondering if it will cause any problems if the card used to make the purchase has a different name on it than her account. Also, when does the sale end? I'm thinking of purchasing it around the 17th, but am willing to adjust that.

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    Using a different card should not make a difference, but the recent sale (late April, for DNA Day) ended on April 28th, after being extended.

    FTDNA has, in the past, had a sale for Mother's Day (U.S.), and mtDNA tests typically have been discounted then. Keep your eye out for that sale. Since Mother's Day this year is May 12th, and I'm not sure how long FTDNA would run such a sale, it may or may not run through the 17th. Just note the advertised sale period, and act accordingly.