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Can you top my 60 mtDNA matches?

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  • Can you top my 60 mtDNA matches?

    Just curious how many mtDNA matches others are getting. I have:

    26 - 0 step
    21 - 1 step
    9 - 2 step
    4 - 3 step

    I got an email this morning saying FTDNA has the Full Sequence for $139 untill the end of the year. That should bring more matches in for us.

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    Nope, I can't top that! I have a whopping total of 19 full sequence matches.
    • None are at a genetic distance (GD) of 0 steps
    • One is at 1 step
    • Six are 2 step
    • The remaining twelve are at 3 steps.
    For the match at a distance of 1, that would seem to be the only person on my Haplogroup Origins list at GD of 1, which also happens to be the only one that shows Malta for country in that list. Malta is my earliest known matrilineal ancestor's location.

    Unfortunately, although I contacted that match, I have never received a reply. He has no information whatsoever in his profile, and no information for his earliest known matrilineal ancestor, either. A couple of the matches at 3 steps show ancestral names and locations from Italy, or Sicily, which is not far from Malta, and there was known migration to Malta from Sicily. None of those 3 step matches with Italian/Sicily locations, who took the Family Finder test, show up in my Family Finder match list. So, I suppose I could be related to those 3 step matches in the distant past. I need to work harder (to be read as: spend more money) to find the name of the mother of my current earliest known matrilineal ancestor (b. ca. 1822), and with any luck her birthplace in Malta. So far, no luck.

    I hope you're right about getting more mtDNA matches!


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      The kits I monitor have quite a range of matches. I belong to one of the J subclades and have 284 full sequence matches, 110 of them are at a distance of 0 steps. My father is in one of the I subclades and he has a total of 36 matches, 15 of them at 0 steps. I have another relative who is in a different I subclade and she recently got her first full sequence match. It was at 3 steps.


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        similligan, I cannot imagine that anyone could top your numbers. Amazing! Thank you for sharing. And I forgot to mention I am U3a1b.
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          Okay, not in similligan's league, but I do either manage or have access to two other accounts with mtDNA FMS results, and am posting their match numbers for the heck of it.

          For my father's H13a1a1a mtDNA full sequence matches; his earliest known matrilineal ancestress was born in an unspecified area of "Germany," but which seems likely to have been Silesia in Prussia of the 1850s. He currently has a total of 150 full sequence matches:
          4 @ 0 step
          27 @ 1 step
          44 @ 2 steps
          75 @ 3 steps

          The other is H5K, I believe known as an Irish subclade; the earliest known matrilineal ancestress born ca. 1840s in an unspecified part of "Ireland," possibly Northern Ireland.
          Currently there is a total of 79 full sequence matches for this account:
          25 @ 0 step
          26 @ 1 step
          22 @ 2 steps
          6 @ 3 steps

          The Maltese ancestress I posted about above has mtDNA haplogroup of K1a3, as shown under my forum icon.


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            I'm embarrassed to admit I have a total of 374 matches, with 143 of them being at 0 GD. Like similligan, I'm in one of the J haplogroups.

            The total is from my Matches list, set to "HVR1, HVR2, Coding Regions". Is that what we're comparing? The Matches Maps tool, which is what I usually look at, tells me I have only 86 Full Sequence matches .... But I guess that means only 86 of my full sequence matches have entered an earliest known ancestor.
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              Fern, on the "Welcome to my FTDNA" page, under the mtDNA category, I believe we are pulling our numbers from the category, "Matches", and not the "Matches Maps" category for our comparisons. So, yes, I think we are all on the same page.

              And, so, it looks like I am at the bottom of the heap with no "bragging rights". LOL

              We can meet here next year, same time, same place, to compare our progression.
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                Originally posted by Biblioteque View Post
                We can meet here next year, same time, same place, to compare our progression.
                Thank you, Biblioteque, for starting the thread! I look forward to being overtaken ...


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                  51 matches in total on FMS for t1a1.

                  7 are at GD0, one of which is my mother. (I tested first)


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                    I have 178 matches. FMS - mtDNA V

                    2 @ GD 0
                    3 @ GD 1
                    1 @ GD 2
                    Rest @ GD 3


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                      My mother, H2a1, has 279 matches.

                      21 @ GD 0
                      68 @ GD 1
                      108 @ GD 2
                      82 @ GD 3


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                        My FMS (group K)

                        26 @ GD 0
                        9 @ GD 1
                        12 @ GD 2
                        8 @ GD 3

                        My spouse's FMS (group N)

                        1 @ GD 0
                        4 @ GD 1
                        4 @ GD 3

                        Really interesting to see the variation! Thanks for sharing everyone.


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                          114 Total for T2b4b

                          17 @ GD0
                          5 @ GD1
                          54 @ GD2
                          38 @ GD3

                          Unfortunately, they've been useless up to this point. Hoping to convince another individual with direct maternal lineage to take the test to determine if siblings of an ancestor had the same mother or if there were two marriages involved.


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                            This post caught my eye because I'm really confused about my dad's mtdna matches. I've called FTDNA twice telling them something seems wrong. My dad shows 8366 matches. He's Halogroup K. I'm not sure how to find the GD 0, 1, 2, and 3 numbers.

                            It's not uncommon for me to get an email saying he has 8 or 9 new matches and this happens frequently.

                            I've only had one mtdna match in about five years. I'm Haplogroup W.

                            Both times I called FTDNA, they said it's not unusual for him to have over 8000 matches. They said the reason I've only had one is that I have a very uncommon Haplogroup.

                            When I received my mtdna match, I was able to connect to my family tree right away. I've looked at dozens of family trees on my dad's matches and not seeing anything close.

                            Thoughts? If I'm totally confused, please don't hesitate to correct me. I want to learn.


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                              qzsue, are you saying you and your father have each had Full Sequence mtDNA testing at FTDNA? And/or are you referring to autosomal testing (Family Finder)?