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How to view downloaded FASTA results?

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  • How to view downloaded FASTA results?

    Downloaded the FASTA file of my results to my computer, but apparently do not have a program that will allow me to view the results. What app or program do you suggest in order to view a FASTA file on my computer?
    Thanks so much for any help anyone is willing to supply. :-)

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    I did a search on the forums, as it's been too long for me to recall how I did it.
    See for the answer by efgen.

    I seem to have saved mine as a .txt file (on a Mac), but I don't think you can just change the original .fasta extension to .txt, as I just tried doing that with a copy of my FASTA file, and it didn't work.

    If you open it using a text program, then you should be able to save it with a new name, as a .txt file.