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  • mtDNA and new options

    I recently puchased this test and I can see a new female red logo beside my matches' names in my family finder chart. I guess it means that these matches are on my maternal lineage side. But one of my X match does not have this little logo beside his name .. I am wondering why, because he is related to me on my mother's side and he does have the X match noted in the tableau. See image attached . Thanks Suzanne.
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    You, as a female, have two X chromosomes; one from your mother, and one from your father. Do you know from other information that Stephen is a relative on your mother's side, or are you saying that simply because he is an X chromosome match?

    If he isn't a known relative on your mother's side, he could be a match on your father's side (his X is from his mother, who may be a female relative on your father's side).

    Your matches who show with a Maternal (red) icon are showing because they share matching segments with someone on your tree at FTDNA, on your maternal side, who has DNA tested. It could be that Stephen just doesn't have a matching segment to that maternal relative, but does match you. In that case, he could be a maternal relative.

    If Stephen is really a 2nd to 3rd cousin, as FTDNA has estimated, then your common ancestors could be your great-grandparents or 2nd great-grandparents. It's likely, though, that the relationship might be further back.
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      Suzanne, I just noticed that you referred to mtDNA in the subject of your post, but then you go on to discuss the X chromosome match. The X chromosome and mtDNA are often confused, but are not related. You have done the Family Finder test, which tests autosomal DNA and includes the X chromosome. You would need to do an mtDNA test to get a separate match list for people who match your mtDNA (usually not necessary to do unless you have a specific genealogy problem, trying to connect two women in your ancestry).

      Roberta Estes has an article on her blog,, about the X chromosome: X Marks the Spot. Pay attention to the charts, which show the unique inheritance pattern of the X chromosome.

      Another article describes the differences between the X chromosome and mtDNA: X Matching and Mitochondrial DNA is Not the Same Thing.

      Also, these two pages in the FTDNA Learning Center describe the Family Matching System, which enables your Family Finder match list to be sorted into maternal and paternal matches:


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        SuzanneB: In addition to the valuable information provided by KATM, just wanted to add that the X Chromosome is Chromosome 23.
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          As mentioned mtDNA and XDNA are separate sources of DNA, both which have their own path of inheritance.

          We have 23 pairs of chromosomes, 46 single chromosomes, 23 from mother, 23 from father.
          XDNA is part of the 23rd Chromosome pair (Determines Gender, women are XX, men are XY).

          In regards to the 23rd chromosome pair, women (XX) have an X from their mother and an X from their father. Men (XY) have an X from mother and a Y from father.

          X is passed on by both males and females, but it is not passed on father to son, only father to daughters.

          mtDNA is a separate structure with in each cell with its own DNA. It is not part of the chromosomal DNA.
          mtDNA is only passed on by mothers to both sons and daughters, but only daughters pass it on to the next generation.


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            Hi everyone and thanks for your input .

            I guess I need to rephrase my question . As I stated in my question I KNOW he is related to me through my mother's side for sure .I did take a family finder test last year and I know that the X chromosome #23 comes from my mother and my paternal grandmother. I just did the mtDNA and I understand the difference with family finder. I thought the female red logo appeared because of the mtDNA test but I realized later that it was because I connected my maternal uncle to my family tree. That gave me a bunch of maternal connections . That is great as I am searching for an unknown great-great-grandparent on that side of the family.The question is why is Stephen not in my maternal list as he is related to me through my mother's side ..He is her 1st cousin 2 removed. This is an enigma to me ..


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              Problem solved.. I entered him in my family tree and he is now in my maternal list with 10 more matches ..


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                Originally posted by SuzanneB View Post
                Problem solved.. I entered him in my family tree and he is now in my maternal list with 10 more matches ..
                I'm glad everything worked out.