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Information on form with mt-DNA submission

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  • Information on form with mt-DNA submission

    I just submitted by DNA sample for the FT mt-DNA test. I may have made a error on the form that was included. It asked for the country of the maternal and paternal furthest known ancestor. I put German for the maternal ancestor and it should have been English. Does it really matter?

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    You can log in to your kit and update/change the earliest known ancestor information. See the "Genealogy – Earliest Known Ancestors Page" in the FTDNA Learning Center for instructions.

    The .pdf of the release form that is shown online says
    "FTDNA maintains a database of family ethnic origins. If you would like to be in this anonymous web accessible database, please write the country of origin of your earliest known ancestor in the space provided. Please note, listing your ancestral origins is anonymous and will not release your name or contact information to matches."
    I'm not sure how FTDNA updates their database of ethnic origins, if it is based on the release form. They would have to somehow check the accounts for updates by the customers to do so.