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  • mtDNA Full Sequence Release Survey

    A survey has appeared when I log in. It doesn't seem to be a survey - more like a permission form. I'm very happy to help.

    The first sentence is:
    "Herein, I give my consent to use my complete mtDNA sequence for scientific studies. I am aware that my sequence will be submitted to NCBI as part of a future published paper......"

    Then there are boxes/spaces for:
    3. Ancestry information of maternal grandmother.

    4. Ancestry information of maternal grandfather.

    5. Ancestry information of paternal grandmother.

    6. Ancestry information of paternal grandfather.

    7. Please provide any additional information related to your maternal lineage (including any information that you have beyond your grandparents).

    To me it's very unclear what they'd like to know. Do they want actual names and dates for these ancestors?

    I also don't understand why they require any information on any of the ancestors other than the matrilineal line if it's a mtDNA study.

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    It doesn't appear when I log in (and yes I've done mtDNA FS). Puzzling


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      It's a release form for sending your data to the NIH GenBank. But they haven't sent it on for years, which makes the submit form meaningless.

      FT does give you your fasta file so you can do it yourself. Because you don't want duplicate submissions (in case they ever get around to doing it again) don't fill out the survey form.

      GenBank is very important for research. If you are willing to contribute your piece, in the spirit of open science, Dr. Ian Logan can help you prepare your submission. Please visit his instructions page. Your entry will be tagged FTDNA.

      And if you want to see what has been submitted for your haplogroup, visit this index. I see that my group just got a couple of new contributions 2 weeks ago, which makes me feel something like pride. Go team T2b !
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