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Visuzlization of mt-dna matches

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  • Visuzlization of mt-dna matches

    I have done mt-dna FMS test and have got about 40 matches. 2 years ago there were only 20 matches. I noticed that two of GD 2 matches are from same village. And third GD 2 is near from that place.

    I asked one of them his mt-dna match list and he gave it to me. In that list the another and near another was GD 0.

    Some day I was so interested in that thing. My friend had made a perl script which modifies family finder match lists to suitable form to SQLite database import. I tried it to mt-dna match list. It worked! So I added our two mt-dna lists to one SQLite database. And then I was able to do versatile SQL queries to matches.

    And I tried Gephi to visualize relations. GD 2 makes two steps and three nodes. The nodes are mutations.

    Then I made GD 1 query to database. Result is GD 1 from both of us GD 2 distance. So when the reult have GD 1 to me and GD 1 to him, inevitably the result is between us. I got near 10 such results.

    When I show the graph to my friend, he says that he sees phylotree on it! Iam not so sure. I need more match lists from the central mutation.

    Sorry, topic contains typo.

    I am exited how easy is it to do a "scientific" research to mt-dna data.
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    mt gaphi?

    I have no idea what I am doing with the mT DNA or any graph or gaphi and no names to match to, my Great Grandmother had no birth certificate. We might have found her family on our own, best I can say the mt test did was 2 0Gens went back to Ireland in the mid early 1800's also 2 1 Gens went back to Ireland and the person we believe is a match's parents are from Ireland in the early 1800's it was the only thing that I could see with no family names except My Great Grandmother was Mary and the GG was a Mary also lol. but has still nothing to do with the mTDNA Lost in mT haha