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    My apologies if this question has been asked before, but can anybody tell me how close an mtdna full sequence match (1 step difference) might be?

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    I don't know what the distance away is for a 1 step difference. However, I can tell you that it could be quite a distance back. None of my FMS matches at any distance from 0 to 3 steps are showing that they are related to me as FF autosomal matches.

    The FMS test is good mostly for historical interest or for confirming a suspected family relationship down the maternal line.


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      I just received my results today. I have about a dozen matches with a zero step difference with haplogroup T2B4B. Add another 4 for a 1 step difference. This is with the HVR1+HVR2+Coding regions. There's a bit of irony in that I have a Carson surname in my MTDNA matches and I don't in my Big-Y matches.

      I don't recognize any of my matches but I haven't compared all of them with Family Finder yet. I wish they made it easier to do that. You can't just click the FF icon -- or maybe you can only if they are matches in which case I have none.


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        Taken from the FTDNA PDF ...

        # differences between the results
        50% probability that the MRCA lived no longer ago than this number of generations
        75% probability that the MRCA was no longer than this number of generations
        90% probability that the MRCA was no longer than this number of generations

        #0 5 9 16
        #1 11 18 25
        #2 18 26 35
        #3 24 34 44

        In your case of a 1 step difference, 50% chance you connected in last 11 generations (11x25= 275 years). 9o% chance in 625 years.

        Hope that helps.


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          or to put it another way...

          my mother and I have a 90% chance that we are connected in the last 176 years and half a chance in the last 125 years.


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            Originally posted by Jomid59 View Post
            Taken from the FTDNA PDF ...
            Ignore the FTDNA chart that predicts generations for mtDNA matches, it is wildly inaccurate. FTDNA needs to replace the chart with a much more nuanced description of how to interpret mtDNA matches. This topic has been discussed many times on this forum.